Preparing for my review

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Use the Questions for my Review section of this app/website to help prepare for your review.

Checking your understanding

  • What does this medicine do?
  • Why is it important that I take this medicine?
  • Are there any other treatment options?
  • When and how should I take it?
  • How long should I take it for?
  • Where can I go for more information? You will find some useful information resources here - More Information

Is this medicine effective?

  • How do I know the medicine is helping?
  • Is it doing what I expected to help my health issue?
  • Do I really need to take these medicines?

Safety issues

  • How can I be sure the medicine is safe for me to take?
  • What are the possible risks and side effects? Have I noticed any changes to my health, behaviour or mood since you started taking  this medicine? 
  • What should I do if I get one of these effects? See the Yellow Card website.  
  • Could another medicine do a better job, with less risk?
  • What if I stopped taking it, or took a lower dose?
  • What other medicines, drinks, foods or activities should I be aware of when I am taking this medicine?
  • Do I need regular check-ups once I start this medicine?
  • What should I do if I become ill while taking this medicine?  You will find useful information on this issue here in the What to do when you are ill section.

Making it easier to manage my medicines

  • How easy do I find it to take all my medicines?
  • Am I prescribed any medicines that I no longer take?
  • Is there anything that can help to remind me to take my medicines?
  • Can I have containers that are easier to open?