Questions for my review

This section provides questions for you to answer before your medicines review and 1-4 weeks after your review.  You can email your answers to your GP or pharmacist to inform discussion and follow-up to your review.

The questions ask:

  • Whether you would like to understand  your medicines better.
  • How your medicines are impacting on your daily life.
  • Whether you are experiencing any problems in taking your medicines as prescribed.
Questionnaire to complete BEFORE your medicines review FOR iSIMPATHY study participants only.
Questionnaire to complete AFTER your medicines review  Please complete 1-4 weeks after your review. FOR iSIMPATHY study participants only.
Information and support to help you with any issues you are experiencing with your medicines. 

Why should I answer these questions?

  • Answering these questions helps you to prepare for the review so that you are more confident to discuss your medicines with your healthcare professional.
  • Sharing your answers with your healthcare professional means that you can both focus the medicines review discussion on your experience of taking the medicines and what is most important to you.
  • Completing the questionnaire after your medicines review enables you and your healthcare professional to see whether the review has improved your experience in taking your medicines.

For people who are not part of the iSIMPATHY study

You can view the pre-review questions here.

You can view the post-review questions here.

Print versions of questions

You can also print off these questionnaires and complete them offline if you prefer.

Print version  pre-review 

Print version  post-review

(Post review form should be completed 1-4 weeks after your medicines review.)